Based in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, iPosi commenced product development in 2011 upon receiving its first issued patents. The company is focused on serving the growing demand for precise, jam-resistant, time synchronization, and accurate mobile and fixed device indoor positioning.

These features provide services in applications as diverse as indoor 3D E911, Critical Infrastructure timing, wireless network and high-precision mobile location determination in enterprise, residential and public venues. iPosi's advanced embedded technology enables its customers to provide unprecedented, instantaneous positions, accurately locating people even deep inside a building where GPS and GNSS signals are at their weakest and least reliable using conventional solutions.

iPosi's demonstrated, "hyper-assisted" GPS technology forms a platform that has attracted the interest of global network equipment suppliers, communications service providers, and government agencies. Each recognizes the value of the company's inexpensive, universal solution in small cell network, mobile and emerging M2M, VoIP, and certain time sensitive elements within "Internet of Things" networks.