Accurate Indoor Location



iPosi offers a solution to provide GPS/GNSS based indoor location directly, not through outdoor communication or other signals which do not operate well for range measurement purposes. With tested indoor urban location accuracy of better than 25m (67%), iPosi's GPS assistance method provides high sensitivity to work deep inside buildings in difficult or challenging urban locales. Used to locate and synchronize the operator's or their customers' Small Cells, iPosi's solution offers instant positioning for mobile devices in or around indoor small cells. Whether it's licensed or unlicensed small cells, iPosi enables nearby mobile positions to associate or range locate based on small cell location with iPosi 3D iP-GPS assistance.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Small Cell deployments raise employee productivity. Offering responsive and instantaneous bandwidth improves sharing information and saves time. Employees can have within the same Small Cells greater location awareness to assemble meetings quickly, thus save time and prioritize team time-critical responsiveness.

The iPosi iP-GPS platform helps locate employees via their mobile devices automatically and quickly. Integrated into the femtocell or small cell, iP-GPS provides the locations and time synchronization to enable accurate mobile location by proximity, round-trip (RTT), or OTDOA as part of the LTE standards.