iPosi Named “Hot Tech Innovator” by ABI Research

March 27, 2015

(Denver, CO) – ABI Research recently named iPosi in its list of “118 innovative companies operating in today’s global markets.” Their criteria: “…young, …aggressive, …nimble” companies with a technology solution that “fills a needs gap” and are also “on the cusp of imminent breakout.”

Known for its unique indoor location technology, iPosi was cited as providing “a highly accurate low-cost solution from a company with a strong history in infrastructure design and standardization.” To read ABI’s full list of 118 companies to watch including the iPosi analysis on page 100, click here.

Small Cells and Shared Spectrum: Unlocking a New Spectrum Superhighway

February 13, 2015 by David Chambers,

"With spectrum prices rocketing in the USA recently (e.g. the AWS-3 auction exceeded $44 billion), the wireless industry is looking enviously at a couple of substantial bands allocated elsewhere. There is one hitch – there is no more pre-cleared broadband-ready spectrum." Read more...

Location: Another Major Driver for Small Cell Adoption

January 22, 2015 by David Chambers,

"A recent focus on indoor mobile location comes from US regulators and industry bodies who are converging on new requirements for in-building location for emergency calls. This could be another significant driver for in-building small cell adoption. Rich Lee of iPosi updated us on the latest industry developments." Read more...

E911 Dispatchable Location Adds to iPosi's Enterprise Solutions     location-cover

January 7, 2015

According to the FCC, close to 70% of all E911 calls made in the U.S. today are made via wireless cell phones and the numbers are increasing. Read more...

Increasing the Accuracy of Indoor Location Using Small Cells

March 27, 2014 by David Chambers,

"...Small Cells provide one of the best platforms to systematically determine indoor mobile location, not only meeting the proposed FCC 50 metre target but achieving accuracy eventually down to 1 metre using their "toolbox" technologies that combines sensitive GPS receivers with precise timing systems." Read more...