Resolving Location, Sync, and Spectrum Sharing: What’s Needed Now and How to Profit from a Disruptive Solution

With the market for reliable 4G/5G indoor location services exceeding $5 billion and the 5G market now taking shape, regulatory agencies and others have been searching for a technology that can achieve indoor location accuracy. Attaining comprehensive 4G/5G coverage deep indoors—including location, time synchronization, and secure spectrum sharing— has been difficult to accomplish with a single, plug-and-play solution, until now.

Boulder, CO based iPosi—short for “intelligent positioning”—has developed a way to reshape the indoor 4G/5G landscape and meet the growing market demand for cybersecure, accurate indoor location of mobile devices and networks. With its portfolio of 18 patents and 25 patents pending, iPosi’s silicon-integrated, embedded technology is the first and only robust, comprehensive solution to meet all three components of the indoor wireless challenge.

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